Awarding Ceremony of Nishina-Asia Award 2015 to Prof. Ke He (Tsinghua University) (a former posdoc in Hasegawa Group)
December 9, 2015 at Josui Kaikan, Tokyo

Prof. Ke He "For his outstanding contributions to the first experimental realization of the quantum anomalous Hall effect"

Winners of Nishina Award and Nishina-Asia Award (Big Photo)          (Big Photo)

Prof. Kobayashi, President of Nishina Foundation (Gig Photo)           Prof. Eguchi, the committee chair for Nishina-Asia Award (Big Photo)

Award presented by Prof. Kobayashi (Big Photo)                  (Big Photo)

Talking to Prof. Sakurai, the winner of Nishina Award (Big Photo)        (Big Photo)

(Big Photo)                                        Kanpai! (Big Photo)

December 9; Award Lecture at Department of Physics, University of Tokyo

With Professor Masuo Suzuki (Big Photo)                      At Lecture (Big Photo)