Hasegawa Research Group
Department of Physics, School of Science,
University of Tokyo
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033
Tel/Fax: +81-3-5841-4167 or 4209
Building No. 1 of School of Science
Room No. 509, 513, 514 (5th Floor), B112 (B1th Floor)
Since 1994

Telephone NUMBER

Rm No. 509
(Prof. Hasegawa's room)
  • TEL: +81-3-5841-4167
  • internal 24167
Rm No. 513
(Experimental room No. 1)
  • TEL: +81-3-5841-4136
  • Internal: 24136
 Rm No. 514
(Ass. Profs. & students' room)
  • TEL:03-5841-8319
  • Internal: 28319
 Rm No. B112
(Experimental room No. 2)
  • TEL: 03-5841-8319
  • Internal: 28319
 Rm No. B101
(Experimental room No. 3)
  • TEL: 03-5841-4161
  • Internal: 24161
 Rm No. 401
(Secretary room, Ms. Tanaka)
  • TEL: 03-5841-4246
  • Internal: 24246

What's NEW

To international students
Since Professor Hasegawa's retirement is appraching, Hasegawa group has no plan to take new students anymore. (2021/9/23)

A former PocDoc, Prof. Ke He has received Nishina-Asia Award 
A former PosDoc in Hasegawa Gr, Ke He, Ass. Prof. at Tsinghua Univ. in Beijing, has received the Nishina-Asia Award for his outstanding contributions to the first experimental realization of the quantum anomalous Hall effect.

A newcomer jons us
We have a newcomer, Mr. Di Fan, from Sichuan, China. He is now learning UHV techniques and Japanese. Our weekly Lab meeting is now in English...

Farewell Party 2004 (2004/03/17)
So many members are leaving this year... Let's drink a toast to their new success. Photos here.

New year worship to Yushima Shrine, again
All members of Lab prayed for world peace and great progress in our research. After that, we took new year lunch at Totenko Restaurant. Photos here.

Iwao Matsuda wins SSSJ Young Researcher Award
The Surface Science Society of Japan has announced that the Award 2003 goes to Dr. Iwao Matsuda, for his excellent paper on photoemission studies about quantum well states in ultra-thin metal films on silicon surfaces.

Played an active part in Open Campus (2002/07/25)
A lot of high school students visited us at the day of Open Campus. Members of our Lab willingly showed them our machines with pride. Photos.

JPS Meeting under beautiful cherry blossoms at Kyoto
All of us visit Ritsumeikan University at Biwako Lake out of Kyoto for JPS Spring meeting. The hotel we stayed, however, located in the middle of Kyoto, a nice place for sight seeing. Cherry blossoms at Kyoto was exceptional beauty. Photos.

New year worship to Yushima Shrine, a Got for studies (2002/01/04)
All of the members in the Lab went and worship at the Shrine on the first working day of the year, and prayed great advances in our research and success in Thesis. After that, we took new-year lunch at an expensive restrant at .

A great year-end party for the successful year (2001/12/21)
We enjoyed delicious anglers at Sibyl for the year-end party. After that, we went to Karate, of course, and sang a lot. But the Karate room was polluted, four members caught cold. Any way, that was a nice evening worthy of the successful year.

Playing a main role in a fire drill  (2001/12/21)
Our Lab was the origin of a fire for the fire drill in our building on 21 December. Professor Hasegawa actually phoned to the fire station, and Dr. Matsuda did a good job with a fire extinguisher. A Lab seminar was held just before the fire drill..

Successful YAMADA Conference
Yamada Conference was held with great success. Our Lab played active parts in it; three poster presentations, an invited talk, editor for the Proceedings, Banquet leader(?), designing a fantastic poster and logo.

Harumo Morikawa made a brilliant debut in an international conference at San Francisco  (2001/11/05)
He made an interesting poster presentation on a long-standing debating topics at the conference last week, which attracted a lot of people.

New Research Associate, Dr. Iwao Matsuda joins us  (2001/09/01)
Matsuda, coming from Zurich in Switzerland, succeeds to Tadaaki Nagao, previous research associate of our research group. He will mainly manage photoemission projects in addition to the other projects on structure and transport studies.

Enjoyed Gordon Research Conference  (2001/07/09)
Only a few persons from Japan, including Hasegawa, participated in a Gordon Research Conference held last week at William College at MA, USA. It was very enjoyable on a beautiful campus. Photos are available here and there.

Dr. Tadaaki Nagao, our research associate, is promoted to be an associate professor at Tohoku University  (2001/03/24)
He will leave our group soon to join a group of Professor Toshio Sakurai at Institute of Metal Research of Tohoku University, Sendai. Photos at the farewell party in his honor will be available on our Web.

Big trip to Germany  (2001/03/14)
A half of our group visited Germany last weak for a Conference at BadHonnef, the left members felt lonely. Photos at the conference are available here.

A new electron gun comes for 4-tip STM  (2000/10/27)
A big electron gun of Hitachi is replaced by a smaller one of JEOL, and Hitachi gun returned to his original chamber for SEM and micro-4-point probes. All the member except one made a big effort for this rearrangement. The non-contributed person will treat us to lunch as compensation.

New Server comes  (2000/10/23)
An old workstation for our server is replaced by a new Windows NT machine. Our homepage will be renewed and frequently updated..